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About Us


The owners of Pup Star Pet Salon have over 15 years of experience in the pet care industry. You can rest assured that your beloved pet will be in experienced hands.


We at Pup Star understand that your furry companion is more than a pet, they're family! Not only will we treat your pet like our own, they will be pampered with the kindness, care and attention they deserve.


Pup Star uses safe and gentle products from local vendors. We offer signature packages that will cover all your pets needs. Come on over, and give your pet the Pup Star treatment today.

What's Happening at Pup Star !

Signature Packages


We offer a wide selection of services, including our signature Pup Star Package. Sure to make any grooming become a spa day for your pup. From basic baths to glorious grooms, we have something for everyone.

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Now Offering Pet Sitting


Why board your pet in a facility when you can bring your pets to us!? We now offer pet sitting for small dogs and cats. They will come to our house and be comfortable in their second home. 

Military Appreciation


We want to recognize you for your service. We offer Military Appreciation to clients who book their pets appointment on Wednesday or Thursday.

Senior Citizen Discounts


We appreciate your business. We offer a Senior Discount to clients who book their pets appointment on Wednesday or Thursday.

Information about our Pet Services

Dog Bathing

Is your furry companion not needing a dog haircut, but just a dog shower? At Pup Star Pet Salon we love doing dog baths just as much as dog grooming. Though your best friend doesn't need a dog haircut, grooming is still important. A relaxing bath and nail trim is important to cleanse the skin and remove unwanted dirt and dead hair that can leave your companion smelly and itchy. Call us, let's get your dog bathed today!

Puppy Services

Puppies are a great addition to your family, but when is it safe to start grooming? It is safe to start puppy grooming at 8 weeks of age. It's recommended you keep your puppy up to date on its vaccinations. Puppies are learning very fast and we advise to groom them every 3 weeks until 6 months of age so they can get used to their pet groomer while they are growing up. We would love to pamper your new fur baby like our own!

Deshedding Treatments

Without proper cat and dog grooming, your pet will tend to shed more often, which will lead to fur all over your clothes, furniture, and carpet. We offer de-shedding treatments to reduce the amount of hair that your best friend will be shedding, and it gives them a nice clean look. Your pet will feel and look great! Our pet salon is ready to welcome you, so stop by Pup Star Pet Salon and bring your pet in for a deshedding service today! 

Dog Grooming

 Pup Star Pet Salon provides dog grooming in North Las Vegas. We are professional pet groomers that your pet will love. We are proud of our work and will ensure that your expectations are met. We provide a clean pet grooming salon, as well as a comfortable experience for your furry friend. We can do dog nail trimming and nail grinds. If you're looking for a professional and safe environment for your pets, then you have found the right pet salon. To take advantage of our pet grooming and nail trimming services, please contact us. 

Cat Services

Our North Las Vegas Pet Salon is proud to offer cat grooming services for our feline friends. From cat baths and brush outs to full cat grooming. Pup Star Pet Salon offers cat nail trims and cat nail caps. So whether you want a lion cut for your cat groom or just kitty caps to protect your furniture and your family from getting scratched by your purfect feline buddy, we've got you and your cat covered. We also have The Pur Star Treatment to compliment your cats grooming service. Call us to schedule your cat today!

Flea & Tick Treatments

 Pup Star Pet Salon is excited to offer flea treatments to all pets. Whether it is your cat or dog, fleas can irritate your pet's skin. The treatment itself cleans the skin & coat to rid of any dirt or flea eggs. As your premier pet grooming provider, we will strive to give the utmost care to your pet and treat them as if they were ours. As your dog groomer, we take the hassle in getting your dog cleaned and pampered, so you don't have to. Go ahead and contact Pup Star Pet Salon for dog baths or any of our dog and cat grooming services.